Staying Safe At Home.

We know that a big mass of people amounting to 71% that would rather stay at home than enter a nursing home. Making your home a safe, comfortable, and practical place to live is critical to your ability to live well at home for a longer life span.

Home security options.

When we age, we tend to lose mobility, motor skills and balance which can affect our gait. Besides the normal levels of hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch may deteriorate. These changes may have a great impact on our reactions and interactions with our surroundings. Wijota Care Services has got you some suggestions to keep you safe at home.

  1. In the kitchen: A number of accidents generally occur. However, these can be avoided through being cautious about how we keep the knives and other sharp objects, using hot plates while using the stove and also using close fitting sleeves. Incase of the loose clothes, they should be tucked in.

Bear in mind that, a refrigerator door is an excellent location for pinning emergency contact information. Include your next of kin’s mobile, work, and landline phone numbers. Do not forget a list of your current medications.

  1. In the bathroom: Bathrooms get slippery with the soap and shower gels which makes the chances of falling high unlike other rooms. Trying to carefully move in and out of the bathroom all pose a risk. However, falls can be foregone with the use of grab rails close to the showers and toilets and also bathroom mats for a firm grip.
  2. In the bedroom: You might be wondering why bedroom among all places. Well, it is a common place for falls too basically when popping in and out of the bed. Examine your bed heights and possibly install raisers to help you out. Your beds should also be kept tidy and appropriately lit.
  3. In the living room: Falls are frequently caused by a slip or trip on the same level, for instance over a rug or mat. Take the time to ensure that your furniture is stable, comfortable and simple as far as getting in and out is concerned. Install lever handles on internal doors for easy grasping and usage.
  4. On the stairs: As fur as home safety is concerned, stairs are one of the most dangerous places in the home for falls, but there are things you can do to improve safety in this area. Make sure there are strong handrails to grab for balance. Check that the carpet or runners are securely fastened and remove any rugs. Again, make sure the area is well lit both at night and during the day.
  5. Staying safe outside: When it comes to home security, do not forget about the outside. Consider installing a sturdy railing at each entrance to the home, as well as an outside light, to ensure maximum visibility. Maintain paths free of algae and debris such as slick leaves, loose stones or flags.

For more information on how to stay safe at home. Wijota Care Services has got you covered.

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