Dementia home care

Specialized dementia care at home offers significant benefits for both you and your loved one, allowing them to stay in their own home with personalized one-to-one support. A customized care plan with Wijota Care Services ensures your elderly loved one remains in familiar surroundings with a consistent routine.

  • 24-hour Wijota Care Services dementia care at home provides continuous support for your loved one’s safety, offering a companion in the form of a specialist dementia carer experienced in managing cognitive challenges.
  • Wijota Care Services Live-in senior dementia care tailors support methods to your loved one’s specific needs, emphasizing independence. This care often includes assistance with personal care, medication management, companionship, and help with household tasks

What is involved in dementia home care?

  • At Wijota Care Services, we take pride in our expertise in offering comprehensive live-in dementia care. Recognizing the diverse ways dementia affects individuals, our specialized live-in carers become companions and friends to those under their care. We understand the nuanced nature of this progressive disease, where personality and behavioral changes unfold over

What causes dementia?

  • Dementia is caused by damage to or changes in the brain.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Vascular Dementia
  • Alcohol related dementia
  • Dementia with Lewy Bodies
  • frontotemporal dementia

How does live-in care for dementia work?

• While live-in dementia care shares similarities with general elderly live-in care, it is uniquely designed for individuals with dementia. Dementia carers undergo specialized training to manage evolving symptoms and challenging behaviors that accompany the progression of dementia. In the realm of specialist dementia live-in care, carers possess the skills to identify potential issues linked to the disease and adeptly handle them as they arise. This includes proactive preparation for possible situations, enhancing their ability to support individuals with dementia effectively.

  • A live-in dementia carer is well-versed in maintaining low stress levels for the individual and tailoring their approach to meet the specific needs of someone with dementia. This often involves incorporating activities and experiences aimed at stimulating memory. Additionally, they offer support with activities of daily living, meal preparation, and contribute to family support, mirroring the responsibilities of regular live-in carers. The carer becomes an integral part of the individual’s home.

How to best care for a loved one with dementia

Caring for someone with dementia can be an intricate journey, and Wijota Carers are here to provide support that goes beyond the basics. One of our key approaches is to actively engage individuals in meaningful discussions. Here’s how Wijota Carers excel in this aspect:

  1. Personalized Interaction: Wijota Carers understand the uniqueness of each individual’s journey with dementia. We tailor our approach to suit their preferences and cognitive abilities, ensuring that discussions are personalized and resonate with their experiences.
  2. Creating Comfortable Spaces: We create a comfortable and familiar environment that encourages open communication. This helps individuals feel at ease, making it more conducive for them to express their thoughts and preferences.
  3. Limited Options for Empowerment: Recognizing the challenges in decision-making, we offer limited but empowering choices. This approach prevents overwhelming individuals with dementia and allows them to actively participate in discussions about their daily activities and care.
  4. Active Listening: Wijota Carers are trained in active listening techniques, ensuring that we not only hear the words spoken but also understand the emotions and cues behind them. This fosters a deeper connection and promotes effective communication.
  5. Promoting Emotional Well-being: Engaging in discussions isn’t just about practical matters; it’s also about addressing emotional needs. Wijota Carers provide a compassionate ear, offering emotional support and creating a space for individuals to express their feelings.

Opting for Wijota Care Services signifies selecting empathetic, personalized assistance for your family member, guaranteeing their welfare and ease during their experience with dementia.

What do Live in Dementia caregivers do?

Live-in care for individuals with dementia involves assisting them in their home and addressing their personal needs. Live-in caregivers from Wijota Care Services go above and beyond, recognizing the unique challenges posed by dementia. With compassion and expertise, our caregivers ensure a supportive and comforting environment, addressing not just the practical needs but also the emotional well-being of individuals under their care. They offer the following services:

  1. Meal Planning and Preparation:
    • Caregivers oversee the patient’s food preparation, ensuring they receive proper nutrition while avoiding any potential risks associated with self-preparation.
  2. Assistance with Hygiene and Medication:
    • Caregivers provide support with personal hygiene, including bathing and using the toilet. They also manage medication needs, addressing issues common among dementia patients, such as non-compliance or difficulty with dosage.
  3. Mobility Support:
    • Live-in caregivers assist individuals with mobility difficulties, helping them navigate their homes and preventing falls, particularly in areas with stairs.
  4. Laundry and Household Chores:
    • Caregivers handle tasks such as washing the patient’s clothing either at home or in a laundromat. They also assist with daily household chores, ensuring a clean living environment.
  5. Pet Care:
    • If the patient has pets, caregivers can take on the responsibilities of feeding, walking, and caring for them, allowing the patient to keep their cherished companions.
  6. Companionship:
    • To combat loneliness, a live-in care provider offers continuous companionship. This is crucial for individuals experiencing the isolating effects of aging, especially if living alone. Caregivers become a regular source of communication, providing emotional support and companionship. Additionally, they serve as a valuable link for the family to stay informed about the patient’s health and well-being through regular updates.
  7. Prioritizing Safety: At Wijota Care Services, safety is our foremost concern. We take proactive measures, including securing medicine cabinets, monitoring water temperature, and addressing potential fire hazards, to create a secure and protective environment.
  8. Embodying Patience and Flexibility: Our caregivers at Wijota Care Services embody the qualities of patience and flexibility. Understanding the evolving nature of dementia, we adapt our approach to ensure responsive and personalized care for each individual.
  9. Fostering Independence with Wijota: We actively involve individuals in daily activities, empowering them to maintain a sense of independence and accomplishment. At Wijota Care Services, we believe in promoting autonomy to enhance the overall well-being of those in our care.
  10. Respecting Personal Choices, Powered by Wijota: While ensuring safety, we actively encourage and respect personal choices, offering options for various aspects, such as meal times. Wijota Care Services empowers individuals to make decisions that enhance their autonomy and quality of life.
  11. Clear Communication, Wijota Style: Our caregivers excel in clear, one-step communication, adapting to the unique communication preferences of those with dementia. At Wijota Care Services, we prioritize effective and meaningful interactions to create a positive caregiving environment.
  12. Balancing Sleep for Wellness, Wijota’s Commitment: Acknowledging the impact of excessive napping on nighttime sleep, Wijota Care Services works diligently to strike a balance. Our commitment is to ensure a healthy sleep pattern, contributing to the overall well-being of individuals in our care.
  13. Minimizing Distractions with Wijota’s Focus: Creating a focused and safe environment is a top priority at Wijota Care Services. We actively reduce unnecessary distractions, promoting mental clarity and a sense of security for individuals under our compassionate care.
  14. Establishing Routine, Wijota’s Comfort: At Wijota Care Services, we understand the importance of a structured daily routine. Providing comfort and familiarity, our commitment is to establish routines that enhance the well-being of individuals navigating the challenges of dementia.