How Does Our Care Function

Today’s unveiled regulations signify a significant shift in the approach to inspecting health and care services, emphasizing clarity for both service users and providers, including Wijota Care Services.

  • During inspections, the focus remains on assessing whether a service is safe, caring, effective, responsive to people’s needs, and well-led. Previously, evaluations were based on 16 ‘essential standards’ of quality and safety. However, the fundamental standards introduced today are designed to replace these, offering service users and providers, such as Wijota Care Services, a more transparent understanding of the expected benchmarks.
  • The fundamental standards encompass several key aspects, ensuring that care and treatment are appropriate and align with service users’ needs and preferences. This includes treating service users with dignity and respect, obtaining consent for care and treatment, providing care in a safe manner, protecting service users from abuse, meeting nutritional needs, maintaining clean and suitable premises and equipment, addressing complaints appropriately, establishing systems for compliance, deploying qualified staff, and promoting transparency about care and treatment.
  • For Wijota Care Services, these fundamental standards serve as a commitment to providing high-quality care that meets the evolving regulatory requirements. It encompasses deploying skilled and experienced staff, addressing complaints effectively, and fulfilling the duty of candor by being open and transparent with service users about their care and treatment. As the regulatory landscape evolves, Wijota Care Services remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards of care and ensuring the well-being of service users.


Wijota Care Services into the fundamental principles:

Wijota Care Services’ Person-Centered Care:

  • Prioritizing the individual’s unique needs, preferences, and goals with a focus on personalized care, a cornerstone of Wijota Care Services.

Wijota Care Services’ Compassion and Empathy:

  • Providing care with a genuine understanding of and compassion for the individual’s situation, reflecting Wijota Care Services’ commitment to empathy.

Dignity and Respect in Wijota Care Services:

  • Upholding the dignity and respecting the autonomy of the person receiving care, aligning with Wijota Care Services’ values of dignified and respectful care.

Safety and Well-Being at Wijota Care Services:

  • Ensuring a safe and secure environment for the individual in accordance with Wijota Care Services’ commitment to well-being.

Continuous Communication in Wijota Care Services:

  • Maintaining open and transparent communication with the individual, their family, and involved healthcare professionals, reflecting Wijota Care Services’ emphasis on clear and continuous communication.

Holistic Approach in Wijota Care Services:

  • Addressing not only the physical needs but also the emotional, social, and mental well-being of the individual, in line with Wijota Care Services’ holistic approach.

Collaboration with Families at Wijota Care Services:

  • Involving and collaborating with family members to provide comprehensive care and support, demonstrating Wijota Care Services’ commitment to family involvement.

Cultural Competence in Wijota Care Services:

  • Respecting and integrating cultural values and preferences into care practices, aligning with Wijota Care Services’ culturally competent care.

Professionalism in Wijota Care Services:

  • Upholding high standards of professionalism in all aspects of care delivery, reflecting Wijota Care Services’ commitment to professional care services.

Continuous Improvement at Wijota Care Services:

  • Committing to ongoing learning and improvement in care practices, in line with Wijota Care Services’ dedication to continuous enhancement of their care services.

These principles emphasize Wijota Care Services’ specific approach and commitment to providing quality care services.